Store That Isle of Dogs: A Spare Room Renovation

Store That live and breathe storage, and we know everyone’s got a place to store their junk at home, whether it’s a bedside drawer or a clutter cupboard under the stairs. Your spare room can quickly become a place where you put things that you’re feeling too lazy to tidy away properly or can't imagine throwing out. However, it’s now been revealed that a third of Brits dedicate entire spare rooms to their unwanted items, which is not only a waste of space but it could also be a wasted opportunity. Making full use of secure self-storage in Isle of Dogs could benefit you greatly.

63 per cent of the 26.5million households in the UK have the luxury of a spare room, but barely any rent that room out. How can you when 33% of those rooms are filled with clutter? When you discover that on average, £2,822 a year can be made from renting a room out, you might start looking at that room in a different light.

Junk is defined as the stuff you don’t actually need, things that are considered useless and of little value. People have a tendency to hold on to these things for no reason whatsoever, which is why it is best to organise your clutter into piles when you start your clear out. Here at Store That we understand that throwing away objects isn’t always an easy option, but if you haven’t used it for months, can’t re-home or sell it, then bin it. The same can be said for anything broken, it is pointless to hold on to it.

Feeling a bit more tempted to tidy? Even if you don’t rent out the room, it’s always nice to have that extra space. No longer will you have to shy away from the idea of friends and family staying due to your hoarding habit being hidden away behind that bedroom door! Our Storage units in E14 can allow you to take ownership of your space again.

However, if you discover bits and bobs that could be useful but you just haven’t got a suitable home for them, it might mean you require self-storage units to come to the rescue. Furniture items big and small or keepsakes that you just can’t seem to part with are welcome at Store That in E14.

We offer many different self-storage options that will enable you to free up your space at home without having to get rid of your beloved items. Simply call our office or fill out the online form for a free quote and advice on what size unit would best suit you at our self-storage facility, Isle of Dogs.