Store That: Here for You When You Move House!

Store That Canary Wharf appreciates how stressful it can be when moving house. Whether you are de-cluttering to show your home off in its best possible light or looking to downsize, nothing ever seems to go to plan. Even worse; sometimes you complete the sale, but you can’t move in immediately. Fortunately, our secure self-storage E14 is ideal for those of you looking to create extra space whilst you take the time to find your dream home. This is meant to be an exciting phase in your life and one that is full of decisions, some of which you have never been faced with before.

Naturally when packing up your belongings you will come across furniture and perhaps the occasional heirloom that you aren’t prepared to get rid of yet. Except there’s a problem; you’re not sure if there will be enough space in your new home. Even it’s only for the time being, we have a number of storage units in E14 available to you. From 25sqft to 150sqft in size, you are able to store anything from a single mattress to the entire contents of a three bedroom flat. No task is too daunting for us and we know we can make the entire process of moving house a simpler one./store-that-here-for-you-when-you-move-house

As and when you run out of cardboard boxes, Store That also offers a range of packaging for you to choose from. Whether you are after some extra tape, some bubble wrap or storage crates, we have it all. With our affordable prices moving house won’t seem so expensive. After all, when you consider that there are legal fees, stamp duty and not forgetting the actual house to pay for, it can soon all add up. Therefore it is important for you to choose a company, which is right for you.

Where our site is located just a stone throw away from the finance capital of the world, this is particularly convenient for those of you living and working near the Isle of Dogs. Make an appointment with us to take a look around and discuss your storage needs.

What’s more, our site is protected with 24-hour CCTV coverage for that extra assurance. So when you come across that valuable item of yours you can’t bare to get rid of, simply give our offices a call, at Store That, or fill out our online form for a unit size that best suits you!