Use Store That to look after your seasonal products

Do you ever feel as though self-storage in E14 is a wonderful idea, yet you wouldn’t be able to use it all the time? You’re not alone. More and more people are discovering the benefits of seasonal storage and when you begin to think about it, you can start to see why. Let’s say (for example) you have a spare room. It’s filled to the rafters with your spare clothes, boxes and old photographs. To tell you the truth, it’s not really spare at all and instead it’s acting as an overflow to the loft and garden shed. I mean that’s all well and good when it’s not being used for anything else, but what about when your family come to stay? Unless you’re happy with them sleeping downstairs on the sofa bed (assuming you have one) you’ll be wondering how on earth you can transform that room into a superb place for them to sleep.

The answer is secure self-storage in E14. Stop trying to cram all of that clutter under the bed or into the wardrobe and instead make the most of our self-storage units in E14, knowing that your belongings are safe and well protected. Since there’s no limit on the amount of time you can rent self-storage for either, you can move everything out of your spare room or garage and into storage early.

At Store That, we have a number of customers that will initially turn to us to look after their Christmas decorations and end up keeping all sorts of items in our lock-ups - from the lawn mower and bicycles to heavy coats, which may take up much of their closet. Quite honestly, it makes a change to throwing it all in the first available room and you’re able to actually use the rooms in your house for their intended purpose.

Even if you’re not planning on having anyone to stay, we all know how late night get-togethers with friends and family end. More often than not, it will conclude with someone offering an impromptu bed for the night if needed. To avoid that embarrassing thought that you may not want people to see the state of your room be prepared and use self-storage in E14!

For more information on the units we have available, get in touch with a member of our team today. We’d be more than happy to help!