Store That Talks: Storing Etiquette

Packing items properly before you store couldn’t be more important. Not only does it save you time when it comes to

collecting your belongings at the end of your contract, it also

ensures your items are well maintained whilst in your unit.

Here are our top tips to guarantee your storing experience runs


• Space Saving- Stack tables and chairs and remove their legs

where possible to create even more space in your self-storage


• Organisation Is Key – Store That recommend making a map of

your unit. It can help you keep track of what you’re storing and

where things have been placed and makes finding a specific item

at short notice a lot easier.

• Labels Are Crucial– Knowing what is in what box means you can

take extra care of those that are labelled, ‘Fragile’ as well as save

time identifying which items are where.

• Recycle and Reuse– Retaining the original packaging for

products can come in handy. When it comes to storing your stuff

away, putting them back in the boxes they came in means they are

the correct size and will prevent the item from moving around and

getting damaged, not to mention you’re doing your bit to recycle by


• Cover Fabrics – At Store That, our units are clean and dry but

just to ensure your clothing, cushions or sofas don’t gather a layer

of dust during their stay, cover or wrap them in protective sheets or


•Protect Breakables – Wrap delicate items in tissue or packaging

paper to prevent breakages. Glasses should be stuffed and any

empty space or gaps in ornaments should be packed and filled so

it doesn’t shatter. Store in sturdy boxes and label, ‘FRAGILE’.

•Avoid Rust– Wipe any tools or mechanical equipment with a few

drops of oil before leaving them stored for a long period of time as

this will protect them from becoming ineffective when you come to

need them again.

Store That Canary Wharf provides hassle free, cheap storage

units in E14 with 24 hour security; we even offer sea container

rental! Whether you need assistance with moving in to your self-

storage unit or require packaging for your items, we are on hand to

help and provide you with what you need! Call our helpful team