Make Use of Small Spaces with Store That Canary Wharf

Utilising every inch of space in your home, if done sensibly, can actually make your living space feel a lot bigger! We don’t advise you start cramming stuff in to small spaces and making the place feel untidy, instead get organised and create strategic zones for specific items. Clear a cluttered area to make way for some useful storage space or turn already unused spaces in to something great.

As self-storage experts, we pinpoint the most popular places in the home that tend to be a waste of precious space and show you how to put them to better use!

Garages – Once the car is parked in there more often over the winter, it leaves you with very little space to play with. We suggest instead of leaving tools scattered around the garage creating an obstacle course that you attach hooks or shelves to the walls and hang them out of the way. Should you have larger items such as lawnmowers and garden sets that aren’t quite as easy to hang on the walls, Store That Canary Wharf can offer dry and secure storage units in E14 that cater for all of your space saving needs.

Under the Stairs – You can often find some shoes, sometimes a cabinet but usually lots of clutter; that wasted space under there really could be put to better use! Store wine in racks, put up some snazzy shelving for your very own bookcase or make a cozy corner with cushions. Whatever you decide, secure self storage E14 can take any knick knacks you can’t find a place for as you get yourself organised.

Small Bathrooms – Everyone has a little downstairs water closet that can feel rather cramped at times. Cleaning products and spare toilet rolls scattered on a windowsill or behind the loo are common but don’t do the room any favours in terms of space.

We suggest fitting a slim cabinet to the wall to give a more streamlined look. Be sure to fit the cabinet above the sink and a little higher than eye level to draw the eye upward. By taking the cabinet almost all the way to the ceiling, it gives the impression of a bigger room and keeps all of your clutter out of the way. If you simply have too much stuff in the bathrooms to know where to store it, you know where we are!