Store That Canary Wharf: Don’t Let Your Home Business Invade Your Home

When building a business from home, you put all of your time, effort and passion into it. However, this can also make it difficult to separate work and home life. It’s important to have some time to relax and unwind, but when your office is overflowing into your living room and kitchen, it may be hard to take your mind off work! Store That E14 is based in the heart of the London Docklands. We are here to help with some great tips to prevent your business from taking over too much space at home.


  • Have a separate area for work – and stick to it! You may not have a designated ‘office’ space in your home, but even clearing a corner of a room for a desk, computer and any materials you need to run your business can make a huge difference. This will prevent paperwork piling up on the dining table and infiltrating the rest of the house.
  • Give yourself breaks – Try to work in blocks, as you would at any other job. Rather than going between household chores and work, set times to do each, and of course ensure you have some time to unwind during your working day.
  • Make business hours for yourself – One of the great things about working from home is that you can do your job at your own convenience, however it often pays to be strict with yourself concerning the hours you will work. Having a daily routine will make your work and home life much more organised, and much easier to plan around.
  • Establish some ground rules – Friends and family may think that, because you work from home, you can pop out at your leisure and leave your work behind. It’s important that you make it clear that this isn’t the case, so they won’t be disturbing you throughout the day and instead you can enjoy seeing them in your breaks or in the evenings.
  • Organise your belongings – To prevent your work physically taking over the rest of your house, you’ll need to organise your space and make firm barriers between business items and home ones. A great way to do this is to use self-storage, to keep important items safe but out of sight, so you can run your business from home efficiently.

Our self storage E14 has 24/7 CCTV surveillance, as well as manned guarding throughout the night, meaning you never have to worry about the security of your possessions. What’s more, only you will possess keys to your unit and we can also provide insurance for any items you choose to store with us.

To make your life easier, we provide all the packaging you could need at affordable costs, so you can come straight to us without the faff! Our team are always happy to help, and are willing to assist you from viewing your desired unit, moving in your stuff, right up until you decide to leave us, whether that’s in weeks, months or years.

When it comes to storage, we know our stuff! Organise your home and business by giving us a call, and we’ll help you with all the rest.