What to Consider When Choosing Self-Storage in East London

Are you moving to a new house? Having a clear out? Or just need somewhere to store all your personal effects? Whatever your reason for needing self-storage in London, you will need to consider a few factors when choosing the ideal storage unit and facility for your goods.

The team here at Store That E14 have compiled a list of a few things for you to think about when selecting the perfect self-storage in London.

Is it secure?

Many people have their concerns about security when it comes to self-storage. We understand that your personal effects still hold value to you, even if they are to be put in storage for a while. That is why we recommend asking about the storage facilities security measures. Here at Store That E14, we ensure your belongings are safe by offering 24hr CCTV along with on-site security.

Space and accessibility

Before you even start looking into self-storage units, you have to know what you want to store. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget about those one or two items and quickly find they run out of space in their unit. Make sure that the unit you choose has enough space for your items and that the unit is easily accessible for what you want to store, you don’t want to be trying to carry heavy, bulky furniture upstairs or down narrow corridors if you can help it.


When choosing a self-storage facility like Store That East London, it is vitally important to factor in the location of the site. If you require continuous access to your unit throughout the year you don’t want to be travelling through central London to get there. Of course, the prices of the units will also go up and down depending on the location of the site, so try and find a balance that fits for you.

If you would like to know more about secure self-storage near Canary Wharf contact our friendly team here at Store That East London on 0207 5151 300.