Size Does Matter for Store That E14

Over the years that our team here at Store That East London have been offering self-storage; one issue that keeps appearing is that customers, understandably, don’t really know how to estimate the size of the storage unit they will require. They often under or overestimate by up to five times the actual size they need. So, our team have compiled some useful tips to consider.


1. As a rule of thumb, a 50sqft storage unit will hold the average contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including furniture like dining tables/chairs; beds; fridges etc.

If you leave out the furniture, you will get away with a 25sqft unit.

100sqft would be adequate for a 2-bed apartment.

20’ sea container (offering 155sqft of space) are perfect for storing the contents of a 3-bed apartment.


2. How often are you going to need to access your storage unit?

Although none of the storage units in E14 is too far from the main door; the downstairs units are super-convenient and offer an amazing 3M internal height. However, they are charged at a slight premium to the first floor, which still offers a generous 2.6M (8’ 6” height).


3. Label, Label, Label.

We have seen customers searching for hours for that elusive bit of paper they have put in a box without labelling it.

Consider too, if you are going to frequently be bringing and taking your belongings; don't get a unit too small, whereby you have to stack from floor to ceiling, front to back. You will regret it when you go to retrieve something which is right at the back of your secure self-storage unit (and it always is right at the back)!

If you want some manoeuvring room and order in your unit; add on another 10sqft to avoid it being crammed to the hilt.


Best of all, if you do come to StoreThat E14 with your belongings; having booked a unit which is either too large or too small, we can be flexible and ensure you receive an appropriately sized unit. Our advice is based on giving you the right size you need for your purpose.

All equipment is built to the latest specs. Our 20’ sea containers in East London are brand-new with insulated sides and ventilated roofs plus the added security of lock-boxes.

Our drive-up units E14 are built on raised concrete bases. They also have insulated roofs and parking, which is available right outside to ease loading and unloading. Moreover, internal unit sizes range from 20 – 140sqft.

So, for expert advice on storing your goods at Store That E14, self-storage London Docklands, please call our professional and friendly team on 020 7515 1300.