Office Storage in London, what you Need to Know

It isn’t just homes that run out of storage space. Many office spaces can quickly run out of available storage. With technology always improving many offices find that they are updating their office equipment whether that be the computers, phones or desks. With limited space in a working office, it is important that any items that are in need of external office storage in London are moved out of the way as soon as possible.

Store That London Docklands has listed the common items that offices often put into secure self-storage.


Breach of data protection is a massive concern for a lot of businesses. With people’s details being documented on hard copies. It can be a worry about where to store them so that they are not under risk of finding themselves in the wrong hands. At the same time, file cabinets can take up a lot of room in an office.

By using a secure self-storage unit like the ones at Store That London Docklands your files will be locked away securely.


Many offices undergo a refurb from time to time. This often means that old furniture is in need of storing while you decide to keep or sell the old bits on. By using office storage in London, you are able to have quick access to the unit and its contents making life easier once you know what to do with them.

Seasonal items

With Christmas on the way, many businesses are probably decorating their office to get the staff motivated around this time of year. The trouble with decorations is that they only come out once a year. As a result, they take up much-needed office storage space. Instead of taking up space at the office why not look into a small self-storage unit to keep all the office's seasonal belongings in.

Store That London Docklands offers everything needed to simplify your office storage and packaging needs. With padlocks to furniture covers, all available at a reasonable cost. We also have packages to suit everyone from temporary storage to short or long-term storage contracts. So, if you are in need of office storage in London for your business then contact us today on 020 7515 1300.