Crazy Finds in Peoples Attics with Store That Isle of Dogs, Part One

With the holiday season here; chances are most of us have crawled in our attics lately to retrieve the Christmas tree and decorations. However, when was the last time you went through everything up there? The attic is a firm favourite for people to store the items that they need out of sight and out of mind. Attic storage is rarely well organised as most people hate being up in one.

The team here at Store That Isle of Dogs has been looking into the craziest things people have found in their attics over the years, and the results might surprise you!


Shouldn’t that be in a museum?

Let’s start off with an insane one. A ten-year-old kid from Germany once ventured into his grandmother’s attic to discover that there was a mummified corpse being kept up there! Apparently, the boy’s grandfather acquired the mummy as a souvenir from a trip he made to North Africa in the 1950s. But, we imagine that boy probably didn’t have the best night’s sleep that night!


Oh My Gogh!

Back in 2013, a Norwegian man came forward with a painting that was thought to be a fake Vincent Van Gogh. But it turns out that it was I fact an original painting! The story is, that the man was originally told the painting was a fake. This was due to it not being signed by the artist. However, 10 years on from being told this the man decided to try again; where experts and new technology confirmed it was an original Van Gogh called Sunset at Montmajour, thought to have been painted in 1888.


From Russia with love

A man from New York found in his attic a meticulously crafted Faberge figurine. This incredible find was commissioned by Russian Czar, Nicholas II for his wife Empress Alexandra. It was detailed with gold trimmings and sapphires. After a 15-minute auction, it sold for $5.2 million!


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