How Sea Containers Create Sustainable Architecture In The UK

With environmental issues becoming increasingly apparent, UK architects are now coming up with innovative ways to create buildings using sustainable and renewable materials. To our surprise, shipping containers are now a popular choice for temporary and permanent structures.

When used correctly, architects can create stunning designs that add a flair of modernity to the surrounding area; and even a touch of luxury! With this in mind, here’s Store That, East London Sea Container Rentals, top three favourite sea container designs that create sustainable architecture.

Cambridge University Reception

Great minds think alike when it comes to sea container architecture. Of course, who has better minds than students at the University of Cambridge! The new reception building at Hughes Hall college was designed by local studio Neubau, using a sea container to create a beautifully modern building; that worked for both faculty and students alike.

White Chapel, East London

Houses are a popular choice for Sea Container architecture, but did you know that new office buildings are now being created with shipping containers?

Over 500 tall buildings are planned for London this year, with many people becoming concerned about how to create them with sustainable materials. Fortunately, one company has been approved to create the world’s tallest shipping container building in East London. The office block has been designed from nine shipping containers, with a sleek design that reflects the aesthetic of White Chapel without compromising on sustainability.

East London Storage

As an East London Storage facility, we are proud to see sea containers being used in such a creative way. But if you’re simply looking to put your belongings into a sea container, rather than live in them, we’ve got the storage solution for you.

Here at Store That, London Storage Company, we provide a variety of sea container rentals in London Docklands. Our E14 storage units come fully equipped in a range of sizes, with around the clock security to ensure your belongings are protected.

If you would like more information about London sea container storage, get in touch with our expert team today on 020 7515 1300.