Are Sea Containers The Future’s Housing Solution?

Millions of people in the UK are struggling to afford a home. According to The BBC, 40% of young adults cannot afford to buy one of the cheapest homes in their area; even with a 10% deposit. 

 Desperate times often call for radical solutions. With up to 40 million shipping containers in the world, it’s no surprise that they are now being considered as a form of sustainable housing to help solve the crisis.

So, are sea containers the housing of the future? Store That, East London Sea Container Rentals, reveals all.

Cheaper to Build

Due to inflation, it’s now more expensive to build houses and flats; especially in and around London. However, sea containers are now favoured as a cheap and easy way to ease the housing crisis. Thanks to the speed of installation, the cheaper costs of materials and ability to reuse the homes in new locations, it makes them a great option for affordable, urban housing.

Cosy Living

While many people may assume that sea container houses are cold, dark cells; the reality is far from that. Sea container houses possess a small yet spacious living room, bathroom and balcony. They also come with insulated panels and radiators to help keep the house warm during winter.


While there are perks to sea container housing, it does have its downfalls. The majority of these urban houses are not suitable for growing families due to their size. What’s more, sea container houses should not be a permanent solution to the housing crisis. Instead, they should be used as emergency or temporary fixes, due to their lack of available space.  

While Store That, London Docklands, are fascinated by sea container housing, we don’t advocate anyone moving into our sea container units anytime soon! However, if you’re looking for high-qualityself-storage in East London, we’ve got you covered.

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