East London Storage: The Benefits of Sea Containers

If you follow our blog posts, you’ll know that Store That loves a shipping container. From Starbuck’s new café to luxury homes, sea containers are an incredibly versatile product. But despite their creative uses, sea containers are commonly used for storing household furniture and goods.

When browsing for East London storage, finding the right container for you can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As part of our sea container appreciation month, Store That, London Docklands outlines the benefits of hiring a sea container for all your storage needs.

Variety of Sizes

Unlike other types of East London self-storage, sea containers come in a wide range of sizes. Store That’s sea container rentals come in a singular size of 155 square foot whereas our internal American style containers come in 70 and 140 square foot. That way our customers can choose the right container size, depending on their individual space requirements.


For shipping containers, there’s no doubt that their strong and durable. Made from Corten steel, shipping containers are built to withstand harsh wind and weather conditions; making them the most reliable source of storage in the industry. What’s more, these containers are built with theft reduction in mind, ensuring your items are fully secure.

The Skies the Limit

Sea containers can be used for almost anything! Whether you’re starting a business or looking to create beautiful yet affordable housing, a sea container can be the perfect option. However, while Store That doesn’t recommend you turn our E14 sea container rentals into an office or a luxury house, we do encourage our customers to store their belongings safely and securely.

At Store That, we provide a range of sea container rentals in London Docklands to ensure you have the right container to suit your needs in an accessible location. We also provide a variety of accessories, including padlocks and shelving, to ensure you can customise your unit to your requirements. If you would like more information about our services, contact us at www.storethat.co.uk or give us a call on 020 7515 1300.