How the Doctor Keeps Her Tardis Tidy

Keeping your home tidy can be difficult; especially if you’re a Time Lord travelling around the universe! Clutter can quickly build up and you’ll soon find yourself unable to find something when you need it; which is bad news if you fight aliens for a living! Here’s how the Doctor keeps her Tardis tidy.

Throw Out Old Clothes

The Doctor has had many faces in the past; 13 to be exact! But regeneration doesn’t just mean a new face, it brings a new personality and sense of style. To avoid the Tardis’ galaxy-size wardrobe from becoming overflowing with unwearable clothes, the Doctor regularly has a clear out to ensure she has the right outfits to match her new body and personality.

Keep Your Companions Clean

The Doctor is known for having many companions, so it’s no surprise that one or two of them might be a bit messy in the Tardis. Being untidy might work if you’re an uncaring slitheen, but for the Doctor, a tidy Tardis is the key to a successful mission; and occasional battle. That’s why the Doctor provides each bedroom in the Tardis with a variety of creative storage options, so companions can keep the area clean, tidy and ready for adventure!

It’s Bigger on The Inside for A Reason.

Travelling to different worlds and times means souvenirs build up pretty quickly. Thankfully, the Tardis is bigger on the inside, which gives the ship plenty of self-storage space; allowing the Doctor and her companions the ability to store away their belongings without causing any clutter.

Storage Units in E14.

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