Three Reasons Why You’re Like a Storage Container

We have all seen the articles on Buzzfeed suggesting why we’re like Tony Stark, Shrek and even a muffin! Well, this week the Store That, London Docklands, team have put together three reasons why you’re similar to a storage container.

Trust us, it’s more accurate than you might think!

Your Life Is Unorganised

Have you ever seen storage hunters open their containers to find a messy room, with virtually no organisation? That’s what life in your twenties is like! Just like a storage unit in E14, it’s easy to feel like your life is unorganised. Everything is piling up inside with no idea how to make it more ordered. While we can’t provide many life lessons to get you through the day, we can provide shelving for your drive up unit in Canary Wharf to make things look more organised.

You Hold Onto Things

Whether it’s old furniture or an ex-boyfriend, we all have things we struggle to let go. Like a secure storage unit, we often keep things that we probably should have gotten rid of years ago but couldn’t bear to throw away.

So how do we clear out our storage units and our personal lives? As the great Marie Kondo once said, “we should only hold onto things that spark joy”. If it doesn’t belong in your life (or in your storage container), stick it in the trash!

We’re All Different Shapes and Sizes

Just like our Store That, Isle of Dogs, storage containers, we all come in different shapes and sizes. While you might think you’re too big or too small, it’s important to remember that there’s someone out there who thinks you’re perfect just the way you are.

At Store That, we provide a variety of storage units, including drive up units and sea containers, in a range of sizes, so you choose the perfect container to store away your belongings. We also provide around the clock security to ensure your belongings are fully protected.

For more information about our units, get in touch with our London Docklands team today on 020 7515 1300