What Rick & Morty Can Teach Us About Storage

If you haven’t seen Rick and Morty, where have you been? The animated sci-fi show teaches us everything, from quantum physics to why you shouldn’t use an alien machine to alter your body – spoiler alert, it won’t end well!

But crazy adventures aside, Rick and Morty can actually teach us more about storage than you think. How? Read on to discover more.

Make Use of Available Space

When Rick moved into Beth’s house, he quickly realised that he had very little room for his belongings. Being a genius scientist, he had to get creative with the space in the garage to ensure he had enough room for his possessions. By adding shelving, hooks and even adding an underground lair, Rick was able to keep track of where his items were, so he could quickly grab them for science experiments; and in case the council of Ricks ever paid an unwanted visit.

While not everyone has the skill, or the planning permission, to build an underground lair, it’s vital to have the right storage for your possessions. Whether it’s a plumbus, a spaceship made from garbage or a tub full of clones, Rick teaches us that having somewhere to store your items is essential to staying organised and keeping balance in your everyday life.

Use A Storage Container

Some things simply can’t be stored at home. In season three, Rick was unable to store his comatose fleet in his garage and instead opted to put them into a secure self-storage unit. Rick teaches us that if your possessions are unable to fit in your home, the safest way to store them is in a storage unit; even if Morty did accidently murder the fleet by flicking the wrong switch and turning of their life support.

Store That East London

While Rick and Morty might not need self-storage in East London, there’s no doubt many other sci-fi heroes could benefit from E14 storage space. Just like Rick’s garage, our units come with 24-hour security to ensure your possessions or alien prisoners are kept safe and secure.

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