Documentation Storage

Documentation Storage E14 Recently we moved offices and as I was packing and packaging piles of paper away into boxes ready to be locked up safe in our new office that really this was utterly ridiculous. When I reached for what felt like the thousandth bag, I let out a deep sigh. Why didn’t we just put it into storage? It would have been so much simpler? I approached my director who agreed that the relocating process could have been smoother, but warned that we would need to find a secure self-storage site which offered insurance against damage and theft/break-ins with extra-good security for our customer and cliental documents.Eventually every business will face the problem of desperately trying to find somewhere suitable to store documents – particularly if you work in legal or financial sectors as many documents, even if not currently in use, must be held for a certain amount of time. To lose anything under other files and paperwork would be a disaster! Previously to keep your documents organised it was common to have hefty file cabinets in offices, however in recent years, particularly in London, there simply is not the space to have filing cabinets where staff could be – as every centimetre of space is precious. Our self-storage units in the E14 sector of London protect us and you! Our storage units are indoors in a specialist warehouse. We have 24/7 CCTV cameras and a person on site at all times. If you choose the sensible option and put your files into self-storage why not ask us about our packaging options? With card boxes a-plenty and enough masking tape to wrap around the globe seven times over we are the right people to trust with your stuff! Here are a few tips for documentation storage: 1) Only store what is necessary – save yourself time and money by having a clear out of old files and only using the space you need in storage. 2) Remove duplicates to avoid confusion and also space 3) Pack the boxes neatly and file them in a manner which will be easiest to locate the documents for your company – be it by date, in alphabetical order or by colour (if the files are colour co-ordinated) 4) Using dividers can make the information easier to find and or terminate when it is no longer needed or when you decide to re-shuffle where to place your documents. Contact us today at Store That self-storage facility E14 sector of London to find out what we can do for you!