Expert Advice for Storing your Stuff at Store That

When you first get a self-storage unit it can be tempting to pile everything into a box, Sellotape it shut and never look back. But if you want to maintain your unit and belongings properly then here is some expert advice from our team here at Store That.

  1. Make the most of our packaging and handling specialist services and use our cardboard boxes and plastic packaging to store anything from domestic goods to industrial papers, or belongings you wish you keep with us for a long period of time. Our specialist forklifts and other equipment will ensure that nothing should get damaged or broken… including yourself!
  2. Make a map – no, I’m talking about some kind of a cheesy map with an ‘X’ marking the spot but what about a map marking out where everything in your unit is – it could be as basic or as detailed as possible but should state roughly where everything is e.g. photos, kitchen appliances and ornaments.
  3. Make a path down the middle of your unit and ensure that you can touch the back wall if possible. This means that when you label boxes and stack them so the labels are facing outwards you will be able to see every single on and grab one down if need be – easy-peasy.
  4. Try to keep what you think will be the most important or most used items at the front and stack everything else at the back.
  5. Try to stack to the ceiling. To do this ensure you have a sturdy foot-stool – do not tip-toe or you may damage yourself, the unit or the property and is a health hazard. Also consider stacking the heaviest items at the bottom to ensure nothing is broken.
  6. To ensure the best life for the unit and your boxes keep an inch between the wall and the boxes for air circulation and to lessen damage to the unit.
  7. Make sure to cover beds, sofas, teddies and other such items with protective covers and plastics so that they remain clean and in perfect condition for use.
  8. Consider draining garden tools of petroleum so that dressers and other items will not smell and also to keep the life of your lawnmower, leaf-blowers and other equipment as healthy as possible.

For more self-storage tips from us at Store That in the E14 sector of London, why not give us a call?