Store That – Isle of Dogs - Where Are We?

Store That is a self-storage company in the Isle of Dogs, isn’t it? This is the question everyone is asking. When you Google us, should we be under the Isle of Dogs, or are you better off popping e14 into your Sat-Nav to find us? Store That is known under many names secreted in the boroughs of London. But why is this? As a historical point I could write for hours about the slight difference in areas, the cross over sections, and the loose terminology that has progressed as the years have flown by since London was first split into areas as it wove and spun itself into a mass of a bustling city. Store That like many other places in London happens to sit in a place between many cross sections. However, unlike many other places this distinctly works to our advantage as we can reap the benefits of customers from the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors across many different segments of London. We happen to be almost right in the middle of two tube stations and this makes categorising us even harder.

Having been established for 65 years however, we know that we are lucky to be in the centre of all of the hustle and bustle of the London Docklands, which have played a great part in London’s history.

The point I am trying to make is that Store That is not like a peninsula stuck out in the centre of the ocean with no point of contact. We are easy to locate, track down and get hold of, literally on the Isle of Dogs, in fact. We also offer top-notch storage facilities and have specialist packaging and handling facilities perfect for any requirement – big or small.

If you wish to find out about our exact location then click here.