Buy Nothing Day at Store That

Next week on November the 29th is a day like no other day. It is a day where people are encouraged to buy nothing… nothing at all. Confused?  Then read on.  

‘Buy Nothing Day’ started as a national campaign to make people aware of the risks that buying consumer products can have on the environment and is about celebrating our planet. While this all sounds great, those of you who are still reading are probably wondering what on earth this has to do with self-storage.


At Store That we are open set hours (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm) at our 65yr old working factory to maximise business efficiency and savings but this definitely has a positive impact on the environment too. We understand that we live in a consumer culture and we encourage customers looking for space to store when they have a clean out, rather than dumping it in a skip where in two or three months’ time you may decide you need it again and then, you are stuck with the prospect of buying a new one which is not only costly but also ineffective both for your bank statement and for the environment around us.


We encourage the idea that buying something is for the sake of quality, not quantity or even just because ‘it was cheap’. When you invest in something you should trust the brand wish to use the service/item for a long time. This is why we at Store That provide the most personal and effective service we can for our customers as we wish to keep customers for a long time and improve efficiency in more sectors than just ours!


We don’t think that buying products is bad, or unnecessary but we do agree that buy nothing day is perfect for those of you in offices who are quickly running out of places to store boxes and files. So, when it’s passed, rather than trip over you unsightly stacks or block your corridors and stairwells, why not come and see the newly built storage units we have installed.


How can you manage ordering in more supplies which you actually need in the office?  We often get companies from around Canary Wharf enquiring and storing with us as we are only a short stroll away from their staff.


To talk to experts about the positive impact self-storage can have on your office space and to de-clutter up your life then call us today.