A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We at Store That have had a very successful year and want to thank all of you for supporting us and making us proud to be in the industry we are in! We have fully established our self-storage site and furnished it with countless self-storage options to suit residential and commercial letters alike!

We know that it has been a long year and supporting each other has been essential. Thank you for choosing us, using us and for being loyal to us, without you, we would not have a company!

We are looking forward to having a rest over the festive season and returning next year with a game plan!

If your support continues to grow we are aiming to open up more units and open for potentially longer hours, but there are long term plans and we are willing to take our time expanding so long as we are nurturing the customers we already have on hand.

We hope you have an excellent Christmas, keep safe this season and wrap up warm!

We look forward to seeing you in 2015, Happy New Year and all the best to you all, we hope that it is the best one yet.

Thank you all once more,

The Store That team!