Store That Canary Wharf Talk: Avoid Damaging Clothing and Fabric

It’s that time of year again – with the New Year comes a fresh start and offers the perfect opportunity to clear the clutter from your home. Certain items, such as furniture, curtains and clothes require special attention and there are some important factors to consider to avoid any damage or deterioration. Here are some of our top tips:

Any fabrics must be clean and dry – if not there is a high risk of it rotting. For furniture, ensure you clean the material with appropriate cleaner and cover with cloth sheets.

Store furniture in the same position as it would be in at home – if you stand it on its side, this may damage the fabric and put additional pressure on joints that weren’t build to withstand this.

If storing curtains, keep them on a padded hanger or rail that is strong enough to bear their weight and cover them with a dry sheet.

When storing in boxes, avoid cardboard as this can cause staining. Instead, use a large plastic container to reduce creasing and line this with tissue paper.

For clothing, avoid using plastic bags as they will trap moisture and cause mould and discoloration on some fabrics. Suitcases or large trunks are a good alternative.

Our storage in Canary Wharf provides a safe haven for your stuff, so once packaged properly you know that your items will remain in the pristine condition in which you left them with us.

Store That Canary Wharf is the best option for storing all of your unused but still loved items. Our storage units are dry and clean and we also have round the clock CCTV and in-house security, so we can ensure your belongings will be in the safest of hands. We have a whole range of unit sizes at affordable prices, so give us a call today and take a look at our storage units in E14.