Store That E14: News From Over Our Way

A couple of months ago we announced to you all that we were building a 1,000sqft GROUND FLOOR extension at our self-storage facility in E14, London… And we are pleased to announce that it is now almost here! We have completed the additional and more flexible storage to meet the demand of our customers, just for you!

This space has been added especially for items which are larger or which are of a heavier nature. The units are separated by wider corridors and are ranging from 100sqft – 140sqft. Several units have double width doors for easier access still. These new additional areas could fit in the entire contents of a two bedroom flat…at least! The 140sqft units have steep pitched roofs running from a low point of 2.3 metres at the rear up to a massive 3.8 metres in height (over 12ft) in the centre and an ultra-generous 2.6M (8’ 6”) at the door!

If you are a domestic customer our new self-storage space at Store That, E14 will be perfect when family circumstances change. We understand that life happens and we are here to offer a friendly, flexible service to you! We make sure we know our customers well and treat them with respect at all times. The high and personal level of service is one that bigger corporations often struggle with but we run our family business along the lines of “if we were the customer, what would be expect?”

If you are looking at renting one of our newest self-storage facilities from a commercial point of view you’ll love how easy it is to access your unit, the prices we offer are more than competitive and we have forklifts and specialist handling staff available on site if needed. However, these units are only a few steps from where you can park to unload.

We also have 24/CCTV cameras in operations and manned guarding on site – this new extension will be no exception in terms of our top notch security! The units are placed inside a warehouse which is insulated and cool, thus making it the perfect self-storage solution.

Aside from our wonderful, top notch and brand new extension we have a number of other units available. These include other indoor self-storage units ranging from 25qft-150sqft, sea container rental right here in Canary Wharf and even drive-up units or garage style drive-up storage, all of which can be used for a bounty of goods.

So if you’re fed up of the mess at home, are tired of tripping over pieces of loose furniture in the office or need somewhere to offload, we are the right place for you! Call us for the best self-storage in E14!