Store That E14 Talks Minimalism

Here at Store That we believe that holding on to items which evoke memories or other precious knick-knacks is essential for your wellbeing. However, we also understand that too much clutter can lead to illness and other issues. Did you know, for instance, that households have over six times the amount of items they would have had 30 years ago? Did you know that messy rooms can lead to anxiety and that rugs can cause asthma and other serious health problems?

Minimalism is a movement that emerged in the 1960’s and was originally birthed as an art form, a type of expression, but without all of the fiddly, fancy bits. It encouraged people to look at something or hear something and build their own assumptions, connotations and meanings of pieces through their imagination; rather than being fed the conclusion.

Like any contemporary trend this idealism spread like wildfire and in the last couple of years has become immensely popular in the world of architecture and interior design.

There seems to be a misconception however that minimalism is for the elite and involves paying a ridiculous amount of money for someone to ‘Feng Shui’ your house, only to come to the conclusion that what you really need to do is throw away everything and buy yourself some plants…

~ So what is minimalism in reality?

According to Home Improvement, minimalism inside the home and when talking about interior design means light, spacious rooms with minimum furniture and details. The main focus of minimalism is attention to shape, colour and texture, and the creation of an entire space, rather than cluttered elements.

~ Why is minimalism ‘healthy’?

Minimalism is healthy because it promotes key ideas in good interior design, which according to neuro-architects keeps the mind and body healthy. Of course, if you have a young family or a busy lifestyle achieving a minimalist home will be near impossible, however, we can help you prevent these problems just by providing the best self-storage units in Canary Wharf:

- Cluttered rooms lead to: Anxiety. - Dark rooms lead to: Depression/negative feeling - Overly bright rooms lead to: Stress - Small spaces lead to: A sense of entrapment – particularly if dark or cluttered. - An overhaul of Knick Knacks lead to: Dust, Allergens and illness. - Neutral colours with a splash of your favourite leads to: a healthy mind and body as it lightens the room and makes you feel calm. - Simplicity and symmetry leads to: A warm feeling and a happy brain – scientifically we are drawn to symmetry and this is why particularly in bedroom show rooms everything is laid out symmetrically.

When your home has been de-cluttered and you have packed up your extra items and various bits and pieces using our great packaging, you’re now ready to move into a self-storage unit in the London Docklands with us, Store That! Achieve a minimalistic home today and start a new, healthier lease of life just by picking up the phone and calling us! Remember, we offer secure units with 24/7 CCTV, manned guarding and friendly staff.

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