Important Things Store That can Help you Remember When you Move House!

Do you need sea-container rental in Canary Wharf? Or have you not even thought that far ahead yet? It has been said that most people in the UK will move house eight times in their life. Doesn’t sound tedious when you write it down does it? But consider this: That means eight removal vans, 16 times you’ll have to patiently explain to the post office that you’re changing your address and then throw in a breakdown or two for good measure!

Having moved house numerous times ourselves and helped other people through what can be a lengthy process with our own self-storage facility in Canary Wharf, we have come up with the perfect list… this is what we wish we knew when we’ve had to move, and hope it will be just as beneficial to you:

1) Make a list! We love lists, it sounds silly but there is nothing like a list or two to get you through something stressful! Make a list of all the things you need to do to complete the move. Consider things that are a bit more outside of the box too (excuse the pun), for example, do your children have new schools to go to? Have you organised utilities? What about food? The list can go on!

2) Make more lists! Once you have got to the stage where you are packing up your house, make sure you not only label your boxes, but number them too and make a tick list with each box number next to a box. This will mean that whether you are placing your items with us, or in your new home or office you will be able to check every single box has arrived safely.

3) Book in advance! Once you have rung round and got the best deals available to you from removal vans you should book straight away. Not only will this ensure your piece of mind, but it also means that your potentially busy removal company will not have booked the slot you were hoping to have. The same goes for our units at Store That! We only have limited space so book soon!

4) Think about essentials! When you’re feeling oh-so-efficient with a list in one hand and a box in the other it might seem like a good idea to pack your essentials first, but what happens when you arrive at the new house to find the kettle and tea bags are nowhere in sight? I can’t think of anything worse! Pack some food for you and your family (think about pets as well) and make sure your kettle, cups, milk and tea bag are stored in this all-important bag! Consider placing a First Aid box in there as well as you never know what could happen.

5) What will the children do? If you don’t have the option of sending them to grandma’s house for a treat day while you do the hard work, you need to think about what you will need to pack in a spare bag that will stop your children from getting under your feet and causing arguments. As good as we know kids are, when moving gets stressful and people get tired, often kids find themselves at a loss of things to do and nowhere to go where they are completely out of the way, so make sure this is something you organise way in advance.

We understand the stress of moving and want to help as much as we can. Call us at Store That in Canary Wharf on 020 7515 1300 and see what we can do for you! Whether you need packaging, a cuppa after a long day, or a unit, we will help you!