Store That E14 Makes Life Easier for Students

As a student, you will have many new decisions to make every year for the duration of your course. Using Store That to secure your stuff could be a great investment for you: When you are a student you can find yourself stranded between your new dorm and your parents’ house. When your parents get twitchy and decide they want to convert your room into an office, it can mean that precious items get donated or lost which can really affect your relationship. Here are our reasons why storing your items with us is a good idea:

1) Any items we look after can’t get damaged or stolen while you are at university: Not only can we offer secure self-storage in the Isle of Dogs but you will have peace of mind knowing that your flatmate can’t get their hands on your most valuable items when you are out of the house.

2) Your parents can’t ‘accidentally’ throw anything out you care about: We’ve all been there at least once and the result wasn’t pretty, why not skip the argument and hire a unit with us to avoid all of that awkward stuff.

3) It’s affordable: Our storage units in E14 start from just £64pcm and are at the heart of Canary Wharf. If you can’t afford a unit, why not split it with a mate?

4) Our friendly team are here to help you: We don’t expect first time renters, or indeed renters with experience to try and organise the process of moving in themselves, instead, we are here every step of the way for guidance and support. 5) We do packaging: No great self-storage facility is complete without packaging in the form of boxes and bubble wrap in a range of sizes for your convenience.

6) We are convenient: As we are situated in a business hub which is easily accessed 8am-5pm, five days a week and by an appointment, you can reach us quickly and when best suits you!

7) Our units are awesome: I know it sounds like I’m bragging but our units honestly are! We have indoor units, drive-up and sea container rental units available for you in different shapes and sizes.

Talk to us, the trusted self-storage specialists in E14!