Sea Container Rental at Store That, Canary Wharf!

Here at Store That not only do we have indoor units, drive-up units, and garage style units for your convenience, but we also have sea containers to rent! Interestingly, the seemingly boring sea-container can be used for many purposes, other than the transportation and storage of goods it was originally designed for.

This is because sea-containers are sturdy, waterproof, long-lasting and secure! Many people have chosen to adapt something normal and convert it into something a little more fun…

• Restaurants: Because where could be more quirky to eat than in shipping containers? Restaurants along the Thames in London have caught onto the idea, among many other places in the world, and have created a relaxing space out of something industrial. The containers have been raised, insulated and joined together to make one large space that is ideal for a peaceful meal and a lovely evening out under any weather conditions and secure against break-ins, just like our secure self-storage site in the Isle of Dogs.

• Houses: sea-containers make perfect houses because of their durability and flexibility. Need more space? No problem, add another container on. We love our sea-containers in London Docklands because of their longevity. Why not call us today to find out what we have left? • Shops: retailers do not only store items in containers nowadays, they also use them for actual shops. Sea-container malls are popping up all over the world and we believe this is because they are easy to maintain as well as large in size.sea container wahaca

Not only are our units in tip-top condition, but our friendly team are knowledgeable, friendly and can offer support during your move with us! We can also offer packaging in a range of sizes and types including many different boxes, bubble wrap, Cello-tape and more!

Store That is part of the UK SSA (Self-Storage Association) which means we are certified and trusted to bring you the best self-storage in Canary Wharf!

If you need self-storage which is durable, secure, flexible and perfect for storing bulk items then give us a call on 020 7515 1300 or email us on today!

Remember, we are here to help you and make your life easier, which is why we have the best deals around too, click here to find out more!