Store That E14 Talks: 8 things to do to Minimise Clutter

As we, at Store That, mentioned before, having a cluttered house can cause illness. As you will know, we offer secure self-storage in the Isle of Dogs but there are ways you can prevent your house from feeling cluttered or cramped: - Invest in our self-storage units in E14: We will ensure that all of your belongings are secure and safe with us and this will free up space in your home.

- Put boxes under beds: Need more space? You may have more than you think. Buy some brightly coloured boxes for the kid’s rooms and something a little more sophisticated for your room. Be as bold or safe as you like! These boxes are ideal for everything, from photos to clothing to toys and more!

- Install shelving: you may have book shelves but could you use somewhere else to store trinkets? Why not buy a cheap shelf from your nearest DIY store and create yourself more space?

- File paperwork: It’s very common for paperwork to end up on your kitchen table, tucked away on the living room mantelpiece, hogging surface areas in the bedroom and more. Why not buy yourself a file divider and organise your life for once and all?

- Place jam jars inside cupboards: By sticking the lids of the jars on the ceiling and then screwing the jam jars in. Fill them with nails, stationary tid-bits and other little things you will need. This will save space instead of cluttering up precious shelving space inside cupboards

- Have a clear out every six months: And chuck anything you don’t need. It’s so easy to become bogged down by old school letters, recycling and various other bits and bobs.IMG_7604

- Allocate places for things: Ever find yourself raiding through ‘the everything drawer’ trying to find that spare phone charger minutes before you have to leave for work because the dog ate yours? We’ve all been there, red-faced and angry. Allocated space and storage for different items will make you more organised and keep surfaces clearer.

If you need self-storage E14, then we are the place for you to go! Contact us here, or call us on 020 7515 1300 today!